There is no way for me to have any achievements without your help. Sincerely thanks to all the friends and mentors who help me in this journey.

Best Advisor & mentors on my research road.

  • Jiliang Tang: Foundation Professor in MSU
    my PhD advisor, selfless and with great passion.

  • Neil Shah: research scientist and manager in Snap Chat

  • Wei jin: Assistant Professor in Emory

  • Yao Ma: Assistant Professor in RPI

  • Tong Zhao: Research scientist in Snap Chat

  • Lixin Zou: Associate Professor in Wuhan University

  • Lun Du: Senior Researcher in MSRA

  • Qiang Fu: Principal Researcher in MSRA

  • Shi Han: Senior Principal Researcher Manager in MSRA

  • Fan Zhou: Professor in UESTC

Best group on my research road.

  • Data Science and Engineering Lab, Michigan State University

  • Data Analysis team, Data Knowledge Intelligence Group, Microsoft Research Asia
    The best MSRA team founded by Han Shi. The first time I met so many interesting P.hD. students. Each meal with you is with great fun. Time with you is the most beautiful advanture in my life time.
    So glad to have so many good friends: Ensheng Shi, Tianle Li, Xinyi He, Zhoujun Cheng, Wei Tang, Wei Tao, Hengyu Liu, Xiaojun Ma, Jiaxin Shi, Jialiang Xu, Lingbo Li, Xiaoyuan Ni, Xiaojun Ma, Zhiruo Wang , Xiaozhou Shi.
    Our life in MSRA recorded on bilibili

  • Jotang(caramel) Studio, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
    The best undergraduate studio founded by Xinyue Shen in UESTC. The days spent in Jotang studio is just like the fantastic film slots in dream. Do you also like a cup of coffee with caramel?

My best Undergraduate Friends.

Thanks to those friends fullfill my wonderful undergraduate life. They are Mingxun Xu, Ruijia Wen, Wei Li, Hangyue Li, Yilong Wu, Zhong Zheng, Yuhang Wu, Hanlin Lan, Ninghui Zhu, Yu Kang, Qian Ma, Hao Zhao, Ruisi Zhao, Yang Xu, Haicheng Liao, Xiaohao Xu, Jiacheng Liang, Xingyu Fan, Bochuan Cao.