Basic Content


In the Download page, we provide the research community with:
A download link to get access to Baidu-ULTR dataset and the access dataset and pretrained language model ;
An instruction on how to load dataset and use the pretrained model.


In the Description page, we describe all the user behaviors and page displayed features in details.


We welcome researchers to share their method performances on Baidu-ULTR, and contribute to an abundant leaderboard with open source code resource.


If you use this dataset of our reproduced results, please cite:

A Large Scale Search Dataset for Unbiased Learning to Rank

Lixin Zou*, Haitao Mao*, Xiaokai Chu, Jiliang Tang, Wenwen Ye, Shuaiqiang Wang, and Dawei Yin. (*: equal contributions)

The BibTex infomation is detached as: 
    title={A Large Scale Search Dataset for Unbiased Learning to Rank},
    author={Lixin Zou and Haitao Mao andXiaokai Chu and Jiliang Tang and Wenwen Ye and Shuaiqiang Wang and Dawei Yin},
    journal={Advances in neural information processing systems}


Please contact us via,, if you have any concerns regarding this dataset.